Your First Appointment

There are a number of reasons to visit a dentist. Whatever the reason, our trained professional staff will help make the first appointment appropriate to your needs and desires. For patients not needing immediate emergency dental care, we will reserve 2 hours for your initial visit. To begin this visit, Dr. Daggula will sit down with you in our consultation room prior to looking in your mouth. This will give the two of you an opportunity to meet, and talk about yourself and your dental history, as well as your dental needs and desires. By getting to know you and taking the time to listen, she is able to better serve your dental needs. We really want to get to know you!

Following this meeting, our assistant will take a complete series of cavity detecting x-rays for Dr. Daggula to use throughout your treatment. Dr. Daggula will then begin her initial examination which will include a thorough examination of the condition of your teeth and gums, supporting bone structure, joint health, bite function, visual oral cancer screening, and many other areas of importance to your overall health, including a screening of your blood pressure. At this time she may take digital photographs of your smile & teeth and diagnostic casts of your mouth. Dr. Daggula feels it is important to gather as much information about your teeth & mouth so she can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

At the completion of this appointment, Dr. Daggula will be able to generally access your oral condition and recommend the next step, which will include coming back at no charge for a Treatment Consultation if needed. Prior to your next appointment Dr. Daggula will personally go over all of her findings in order to offer cosmetic and restorative suggestions. During the Treatment Consultation appointment Dr. Daggula will review her findings with you, recommend the steps required to begin treatment, and give an estimate of costs involved.


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